Project Description
Easy/Clean way to get SharePoint list data via more standard RSS feed.

I found CleanRSS.aspx as part of SPRSS: Enhanced RSS Functionality for WSS by SahilMalik. Thanks!

But I needed a few changes and wanted to publish it back for other ideas, etc.

With SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 I found the need to access list data in a more friendly RSS manor.

Many thanks to SahilMalik for posting the CleanRss.aspx as part of the SPRSS: Enhanced RSS Functionality for WSS project.

This had 80% of what I needed. Some things I needed to add:

Ability to look up Lists by name, not just Guid. This way in SharePoint 2007 I could save a Site Template and then create a new site with the template and it would still work, even though the List Guid's changed.

Same with the View Guid's.

Added other features as needed as well.

Open to any other ideas and feature requests, here are a few of the possible new features:

Add Fields query parameter to control which Fields are returned
Add Caml query parameter to pass specific CAML query

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